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Hebei Xindadi Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the partner of your choice for the production of turnkey production plants for precast concrete construction more than 20 years of experience. As one of the leaders on the international and local market we design industrial production plants in accordance with the highest technical requirements and provide our customers with tailor-made solutions for the production of precast concrete elements.

There are more than 580 employees, including 300 technicians with senior titles. Until now we had successfully conducted more than 600 PC plants in China and all over the world.

Our mission is to precast a better world. We are complete solutions for precast concrete plants.

Hebei Xindadi makes plant, machines and software for precast concrete plants. Building with precast concrete elements improves living conditions for people all over the world. Our technology creates attractive workplaces and environmentally-friendly, durable building systems for high-quality living and working areas.

In 2005, developed China's first high-speed rail track slab production line;
In 2006, developed China's first double-block sleeper circle production line;
In 2011, developed an automatic circle production line for prestressed sleepers;
In 2012, R & D and construction of the Yatai Group Shenyang precast concrete component production line; undertook the Ethiopian National Railway Project;
In 2013, undertake the construction of Beijing Yantong Building Components Co., Ltd. precast concrete component production line;
In 2014, R & D and construction of China Road and Bridge Group Tongyang Expressway municipal small and medium-sized component automated production line to help build China's largest deep-water port terminal; Undertook two sets of sleeper complete projects for the Kenya Railway;
In 2015, R & D and construction of China Construction Group Co., Ltd. precast concrete component production line;
In 2016, R & D and construction of the prefabricated lattice assembly pipe corridor production line of China Railway 4th Bureau, as well as the Chinese standard CRTSⅢ (three-type plate) factory production equipment
In 2017, R & D and construction of the first domestic loadable combined long-line platform double T slab production system;
In 2018, an intelligent management system for factory production of precast concrete components was developed;
In 2019, won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Hebei Province; Fully automatic PC production line products exported to the Philippines;
In 2020, developed a new generation of prestressed laminated plate production line; Extendable combined long line prefabricated component production line;
In 2021, developed modular 3D housing mold; Developed an intelligent fully automatic prefabricated component production system;
In 2022, developed intelligent New Jersey guardrail production line; Double T-beam intelligent production line;
In 2023, Research and development of large-scale battery mold production line.

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