• formwork-and-moulds


    ★ More than 60 types of mold products
    ★ Designed to customer request
  • control-solution


    ★ Intelligent Production Management System

  • Machinery


    ★ A comprehensive service provider of precast concrete machines

    ★ Five categories of precast concrete production equipment

  • Prestressed Concrete Components Production Line

    Prestressed Concrete Components Production Line

    ★ High-speed rail track slab production line (Beijing-Tianjin Intercity)
    ★ Prestressed sleeper circulation production line
    ★ Prestressed concrete lattice girder panel long-line table production line
    ★ Prestressed concrete double-T plate expandable combined long-line table production line

  • Inspection Well Mould

    Inspection Well Mould

    ★ Meet the technical requirements of the inspection well through careful design and optimization.
    ★ Innovatively designed to realize one-step shrinkage of the inner mold.
    ★ Produce components of different heights.
    ★ Adopt the sealing structure that can be reused for a long time.
    ★ Adopt the track opening and closing mold structure, which is convenient for mold removal and fast mold assembly.

  • Supporting tooling and hangers

    Supporting tooling and hangers

    ★ Lattice girder stacking rack and transporting rack;
    ★ Wall board stacking rack and transporting rack;
    ★ Lifting tooling;
    ★ Steel bar stacking rack;

  • Pallet


    ★ Designed to customer request;
    ★ Fixed mould table;
    ★ Carrousel line mould table;
    ★ Flip mould table;
    ★ Customized mould table;

  • Smoothing Machine

    Smoothing Machine

    ★ The polishing head can be lifted and locked;
    ★ The blades of the polishing head can be replaced;

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