Inspection Well Mould

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★ Meet the technical requirements of the inspection well through careful design and optimization.
★ Innovatively designed to realize one-step shrinkage of the inner mold.
★ Produce components of different heights.
★ Adopt the sealing structure that can be reused for a long time.
★ Adopt the track opening and closing mold structure, which is convenient for mold removal and fast mold assembly.

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★Company Introduction

     Hebei Xindadi Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a world leading technology enterprise of precast concrete processing equipment, and is committed to becoming a competitive enterprise of intelligent concrete processing equipment.The company now has four manufacturing bases in Zhengding, Xingtang, Gaoyi, and Yulin.We wholeheartedly provide customers with technical consultation and special design services for the factory production projects of precast concrete components, and system solutions for the whole life cycle of R & D, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of complete sets of equipment, so as to meet the diverse needs of customers and create value for customers in all aspects.

★Moulds Introduction

Our company's moulds include prefabricated building moulds, municipal road and bridge moulds, wind power tower moulds, high-speed railway moulds, mould tables and prefabricated components supporting tooling and hangers.

    Prefabricated building moulds include stair moulds, wall panel moulds, special-shaped moulds, beam-column moulds, laminated plate moulds, double-T plate moulds, and 3D house moulds; municipal road and bridge moulds include small and medium-sized moulds, pipe gallery moulds, prefabricated bridge moulds, subways segment moulds; wind power tower moulds include cone-type tower moulds, segmented tower moulds; high-speed railway moulds include double-block sleeper moulds, prestressed sleeper moulds, trapezoidal sleeper moulds, track plate moulds; The pallet contains circulation line pallet, fixed pallet, pre-stressed pallet, customized pallet; prefabricated components supporting tooling and hangers include spreaders, storage racks and transport racks;

★Product Introduction

  The inspection well mold designed and manufactured by our company for New Zealand customers has been successfully commissioned and shipped. In the process of design and manufacture, our design engineers draw lessons from international advanced design concepts on the basis of domestic general inspection well molds to make the inspection well molds easy to operate and accurate in size.

    From the customer's inquiry to the delivery of the mold, our company always adheres to the requirements of "high starting point, high standard, high quality and high efficiency".

inspection well moulds

inspection well moulds

inspection well moulds

     Hebei Xindadi Mould Division serves prefabricated buildings, municipal construction, bridge construction, road/railway construction, new energy construction, etc. It has formed 5 industries and more than 60 types of series of mould products, We have wall panels, stairs, laminated panels and other  residential building components molds, pipe gallery, rainwater inlet, U-shaped groove, roadside stone and other small and medium-sized municipal construction component molds,  pier columns, cover beams, box beams, plate beams, T beams, road panels, shutters, sleepers , track slab and other highway/railway construction component molds, cone-shaped concrete tower molds and segmented concrete tower molds in the wind power industry, and also have mature double-T molds, overall 3D housing molds and other mold technologies.

inspection well mould

inspection well mould

inspection well mold

inspection well lid

inspection well body


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