• Piercolumn Mould

    Piercolumn Mould

    ★ Cover beam mould;
    ★ Piercolumn mould;
    ★ Box beam mould;
    ★ Bridge deck mould;
    ★ Hollow slab beam mould;
    ★ Designed to customer request;

  • Mould Table

    Mould Table

    ★ Designed to customer request;
    ★ Fixed pallet;
    ★ Carrousel line pallet;
    ★ Flip pallet;
    ★ Customized pallet;

  • 3D Garage Mould

    3D Garage Mould

    ★ The internal mold combination is optimized;
    ★ The outer mold adopts the track opening and closing mold structure;
    ★ Shorten the maintenance time and improve the production efficiency.

  • Wind power tower mold

    Wind power tower mold

    ★ Conical tower mold;
    ★ Split tower mold;

  • Surface Roughening Machine

    Surface Roughening Machine

    ★ Independent control of each station;
    ★ The blade can be raised and lowered automatically;

  • Flatting Machine with Vibrating

    Flatting Machine with Vibrating

    ★ Frequency control;
    ★ Anti-artificial flatting mechanism, lifting and locking;

  • Pre-curing Chamber

    Pre-curing Chamber

    ★ Dry hot steam heating without humidification;
    ★ Polyurethane insulation, low heat loss;
    ★ Temperature / humidity automatic control;
    ★ Report function;
    ★ Manual and automatic control;
    ★ Optional load-bearing type load:200kg/m² or 500kg/m²;

  • Curing Chamber

    Curing Chamber

    ★ Dry and wet maintenance;
    ★ Separation and partition;
    ★ Polyurethane insulation, low heat loss;
    ★ Temperature/humidity automatic control;
    ★ Configure hot air circulation system;
    ★ Data logging;
    ★ Report function;