Hebei Xindadi-the PC production line project in Liupanshui Guizhou

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★ Distributing and vibrating system;
★ Pallet stacker and curing chamber;
★ Roughening and smoothing machine;
★ Flatting machine with vibrating;
★ Release agent spraying machine

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★Product Introduction

    Recently, the PC production line project in Liupanshui which was planned, designed, produced, manufactured, installed and commissioned by Hebei Xindadi Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been successfully accepted and put into operation. Up to now, Hebei Xindadi has cooperated with China Construction to complete 23 factory projects.

precast concrete plant

    The project is located in  Liupanshui, Guizhou Province, covering an area of more than 120 mu. A total of 1 automated integrated casual production line, 1 automated interior wall panel production line, 1 automated laminated panel production line and 1 fixed pallet line are designed in the entire industrial park. After the project is put into operation, it can achieve an annual output of 120,000 m³ of precast concrete  components.

distributing system

pallet stacker

    The project is designed as an automated comprehensive casual production line based on the original old factory building. It adopts the conveying method of roller to support pallet .The curing chamber is equipped with pallet stacker, which is stable and reliable, and realizes the centralized maintenance of multi-variety, components, saving energy and reducing consumption. The production line has the characteristics of compact design, scientific and reasonable process layout, strong safety, high production efficiency, high degree of mechanization, maturity and stability, etc. It can be applied to the production of external wall panels, internal wall panels, laminated panels and other geometric shapes with relatively standardized large batches component.

titling station

special pallet

     The prefabricated PC factory has no chimney, no waste water, waste gas, and waste residue. It is a zero-emission, green and environmentally friendly factory in the physical manufacturing industry. Factory manufacturing is prefabricated and on-site construction is assembled. The precast components required for buildings are of good quality. Prefabricated green buildings are a major change in construction methods and an important measure to promote supply-side structural reform and new urbanization development. It is conducive to save resources and energy, reduce construction pollution, compress construction schedule, save time and effort.

pre-curing chamber

★Company Introduction

    Hebei Xindadi electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a world leading technology enterprise of precast concrete processing equipment, and is committed to becoming a competitive enterprise of intelligent concrete processing equipment.The company now has four manufacturing bases in Zhengding, Xingtang, Gaoyi, and Yulin.We wholeheartedly provide customers with technical consultation and special design services for the factory production projects of precast concrete components, and system solutions for the whole life cycle of R & D, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of complete sets of equipment, so as to meet the diverse needs of customers and create value for customers in all aspects.
Hebei Xindadi adheres to the concept of “manufacturing high-quality equipment and building a better future”, and has carried out a lot of customized design work for production line solutions and equipment in combination with the actual needs of customers.

      Hebei Xindadi actively serves my country’s construction industrialization and railway, municipal and bridge construction, adheres to the road of independent innovation, and constantly adjusts its product structure. It has created precast concrete production equipment and supporting software with more than 200 products in five categories with independent intellectual property rights. At present, Hebei Xindadi has developed into a large-scale comprehensive base integrating overall planning and design, equipment manufacturing, supporting mold production and extended technical service support. Through leading software and hardware strength, excellent service awareness, and efficient operation management, Hebei Xindadi fully promotes industrial development and industry upgrading, and is committed to becoming a world-leading technology company in precast concrete complete sets of equipment!


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