• Plotter


    ★ Servo drive, high-precision guide rail;
    ★ Precision±1mm, USB interface;
    ★ Automatic recognition of CAD drawings;

  • Pallet Transport System

    Pallet Transport System

    ★ Fixed rollers;
    ★ Side-shifters;
    ★ Pallet stacker;

  • Concrete Distributor with Auger Discharge

    Concrete Distributor with Auger Discharge

    ★ Invention patent (2012105620641) five generations of products;
    ★ Spiral extrusion blanking, forced push, controllable distribution speed;
    ★ Adapt to various slump concrete;
    ★ The number of material gates is controllable, independent and precise control of quantitative distribution;
    ★ Multiple control modes (automatic, manual, remote control);
    ★ Self-lubricating system to prevent reverse seepage of mud and reduce maintenance workload;
    ★ Emergency measures guarantee;
    ★ One key to open the lower jaw, easy to clean, no accumulation of material;
    ★ According to the project plan, bridge type, gantry type and semi-gantry type can be selected;

  • Concrete Vibrator

    Concrete Vibrator

    ★ New structure;
    ★ Three-dimensional vibration (high frequency + swing);
    ★ Hydraulic cylinder locking;
    ★ High frequency vibration mode;
    ★ Vibration frequency and parameters are adjustable;
    ★ Vibration parameter memory function;
    ★ One-click conversion;

  • Pallet Tilting Machine

    Pallet Tilting Machine

    ★ Hydraulic automatic jacking;
    ★ Tilt synchronously;
    ★ Auto-sensing mold table locks in place;
    ★ Height adjustable;
    ★ Imported induction device;
    ★ Tilting angle: 80-85°;
    ★ Tilting tonnage:25T;

  • Release Agent Spraying Machine

    Release Agent Spraying Machine

    ★ Even spraying, adjustable spraying area;
    ★ Adjustable spray volume, self-priming oil;

  • Side Shifter

    Side Shifter

    ★ Split lift;
    ★ Servo drive;
    ★ Precise positioning and limit function;
    ★ Smooth synchronous operation;
    ★ Speed is adjustable;
    ★ With the interlocking protection function with the pallet;
    ★ Automatic adjustment to eliminate accumulated errors;

  • Flying Concrete Convey Bucket

    Flying Concrete Convey Bucket

    ★ Double track operation;
    ★ Rotary or bottom opening distribution;
    ★ Variable frequency speed regulation;
    ★ Remote control operation mode;
    ★ Equipped with anti-collision induction interlock, sound and light alarm device;
    ★ Easy to clean, no leakage phenomenon;
    ★ Equipped with “centralized concrete distribution control system”;