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★ Servo drive, high-precision guide rail;
★ Precision±1mm, USB interface;
★ Automatic recognition of CAD drawings;

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Equipment function :

   The plotter is used to quickly and accurately draw the side moulds, embedded parts and other positions on the bottom of the pallet to improve the speed and accuracy of placing the side molds and embedded parts.

Equipment composition :

   (1)The CNC plotter is mainly composed of mechanical system, control system and marking system.

   (2)The mechanical system consists of running brackets, beams, main and auxiliary end beams, tracks, etc.

   (3)The control system consists of CNC system, electrical system, control panel and so on.

   (4)The marking system consists of a brush sled, a brush holder, a brush, a pen and ink system, and a pneumatic system.

Equipment feature :

   (1) Bridge structure, bilateral servo drive, stable operation and high work efficiency;

   (2) CNC system control, rack and pinion transmission, high walking accuracy;

   (3) Friendly man-machine control interface, suitable for scribing the bottom mold of various specifications of plate components;

   (4) The automatic programming software can convert the CAD drawings into the machine language of the marking machine;

   (5) The control system has a USB data interface;

   (6) It has the automatic flushing function of the gun head.

★Company Introduction

    Hebei Xindadi electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a world leading technology enterprise of precast concrete processing equipment, and is committed to becoming a competitive enterprise of intelligent concrete processing equipment.The company now has four manufacturing bases in Zhengding, Xingtang, Gaoyi, and Yulin.We wholeheartedly provide customers with technical consultation and special design services for the factory production projects of precast concrete components, and system solutions for the whole life cycle of R & D, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of complete sets of equipment, so as to meet the diverse needs of customers and create value for customers in all aspects.

System Introduction

    The production system for precast concrete elements has circulation production system,prestressed production system,stationary production system,flexible production system and nomadic production system.

Molds Introduction

    The molds are divided into prefabricated building molds, municipal road and bridge molds, wind power tower molds, high-speed railway molds, mold tables, prefabricated components supporting projects and hangers.


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