Circulation Production System for Precast Concrete Elements

Short Description:

★ A high degree of mechanization;
★ Reasonable process planning;
★ Save energy;
★ Reduce energy consumption;
★ Improve the production efficiency of prefabricated components;

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★Company Introduction

    Hebei Xindadi electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a world leading technology enterprise of precast concrete processing equipment, and is committed to becoming a competitive enterprise of intelligent concrete processing equipment.The company now has four manufacturing bases in Zhengding, Xingtang, Gaoyi, and Yulin.We wholeheartedly provide customers with technical consultation and special design services for the factory production projects of precast concrete components, and system solutions for the whole life cycle of R & D, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of complete sets of equipment, so as to meet the diverse needs of customers and create value for customers in all aspects.

★System Introduction

   The carousel system of prefabricated components adopts roller conveyor line to support and transport the pallets, so that the pallet can run along the annular route according to the established production process.

   This kind of production system is mainly used to produce flat plate components with high degree of standardization, such as double wall,insulated double wall,solid wall,sandwich wall,inner wall, exterior wall,lattice girder floors and so on.

★System Composition

   The production system is mainly composed of production processes such as pallet cleaning, plotter,release agent spraying, shuttering and deshuttering, reinforcement installation, embedded parts installation,casting andcompacting, insulation board installation, surface rubbing, pre maintenance, surface roughening, lifting and so on.

★System Features

   The prefabricated component circulation system has a high degree of mechanization, and the production line can operate in automatic or manual control modes; The process planning is reasonable. The centralized maintenance can be realized through the three-dimensional curing chamber, which can save energy, reduce energy consumption and improve the production efficiency of prefabricated components.



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